Peter Killcommons


San Francisco-based medical expert Peter Killcommons has spent the last two decades traveling the world in a quest to support disadvantaged regions in need of medical and technological services. Expanding his range of impact, Peter Killcommons applies the abilities he acquired in pursuing his hobbies to his profession. Active in his industry and community, Peter Killcommons is a member of a number of associations.

A flying, sailing, and traveling enthusiast, Peter Killcommons’ has incorporated all of these activities in his philanthropic efforts. Peter Killcommons belongs to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the Alameda Aero Club. Putting his pilot’s license to use, Peter Killcommons is a volunteer pilot for disaster response. A member of the South Beach Yacht Club, Peter Killcommons has sailed with the United States Navy, delivering medical support and equipment to impoverished villages in countries such as Peru. Quenching his thirst for travel, Peter Killcommons has also visited numerous other countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait, conducting humanitarian medical missions. Additionally, Peter Killcommons has provided international medical aid to Pakistan, Haiti, and Honduras.

Peter Killcommons earned his Bachelor of Science from City College of New York and his Doctor of Medicine from New York Medical College. During his undergraduate years, Peter Killcommons served as Vice President of Student Affairs and graduated cum laude from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. Upon completing his education, Peter Killcommons entered the workforce and eventually founded Medweb, a medical imaging company providing clients, such as military outfits in remote locations, with functional information technology solutions for their healthcare operations. Through his business, Peter Killcommons has maintained his commitment to charity, donating resources and funds to organizations such as Pens for Peace, which supplies Afghan schoolchildren with writing utensils they need to complete their studies.